Creed Collins is a wonderful place for our children in part because our parents are so supportive and involved. One of the best ways to get involved and support the school is to join the PTO. It is the PTO and its members who plan, fund and provide the academic and extracurricular enrichment so critical to the success of the school’s instructional program.

The mission of the PTO is: “to enhance the learning experience of our children through engaging in support activities and facilitating communication between parents, teachers, and administration.”

The purpose is to:

Promote cooperation among parents, administration, staff and students in order to encourage a friendly atmosphere in the School that is open to rights and suggestions of all;

Promote a positive open forum on matters of general school concern (questions, recommendations, or suggestions.)

Support efforts of volunteers in fundraising for benefit of students and the school on a not-for-profit basis;

Promote public relations through community involvement in the school.