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Adult Breakfast:  $3.25- juice & cereal served with all breakfasts
Adult Lunch: $4.25 – milk served with all lunches

Billing Procedure:

  1.  Due to the fact that our hot lunch program has gone to a centralized billing system, payments will not be sent to the school.  All bills will be received by and sent directly to the billing source in Charleston, WV. The billing address is as follows:  Ritchie County Schools, PO Box 7756, Charleston, WV, 25356.  This is entirely different from how our billing procedures were in the past so please make note of this for an easier transition to the new system.
  2. Bills will be calculated and sent out by the 5th of each month, beginning in October. August and September bills will be on the same bill. (Last month’s balance will be for both August and any past due amount from last year.)
  3. Payment in full is due 10 days after the bill is received.
  4. Bills will be considered past due if not paid in full by the 20th of each month following the first billing.
  5. A reminder letter will be sent when the bill becomes 30 days past due.
  6. Unpaid bills will become delinquent after 45 days.
  7. All delinquent accounts automatically result in the loss of charging privileges for students and school personnel.  Parents will be notified by mail that charge privileges have been suspended.  Notification of school personnel will also be in letter form.  The letter will include a list of alternatives for lunch.  Parent must send cash daily, pay bill in full or send a bag lunch.
  8. When charge privileges have been suspended, the principal is responsible for stopping the charge privileges.  Further debt incurred will automatically become the responsibility of the principal.  This additional debt will not be a liability of the child nutrition department.
  9. The collection of delinquent accounts will be pursued through a collection agency or magistrate court.  All magistrate court proceeding will be handled by the School Food Authority.
  10. Circumstances may arise that justify termination of a debt.


Parents please feel welcome to come have lunch with your students! The following is the class lunch schedule:

Coming Soon!

Hot Lunch Program

Ritchie County Schools complies with all federal and state regulations in providing healthy meals to children.

The Ritchie County Food Service Department is operated in accordance with U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, age, handicap, religion or national origin.



  1. If your child cannot drink milk doctor or medical professional must send a medical statement for your child to receive a supplemental drink.
  2. Our cooks can provide modified meals to students, but only when supported and verified by a recognized medical authority.  A Special Dietary Needs Physician’s Medical Statement form must be completed by your doctor or medical professional and returned to the school.  These forms are available upon request.
  3. Creed Collins Elementary School has a closed campus policy.  Students must remain at school during the lunch period.  In order to facilitate meal preparation, it is requested that parents inform the school when they plan to join their child/children for lunch.