School Improvement Council

As established by law, Creed Collins Elementary School will have a School Improvement Council. Council members consist of the following: the school principal, three teachers elected by the Faculty Senate, two service personnel elected by the service personnel, three parents or guardians elected by the P.T.O., and two at-large members who are appointed by the principal. One of the at-large members is a person who resides in the community and one represents a business. Half of these members are new each year and serve a 2-year-term. The purpose of the School Improvement Council is to recommend and make suggestions for the overall improvement of Creed Collins Elementary School. The Council works with concerns from parents, staff, and the community concerning educational programs, upkeep, beautification, maintenance, and instructional supplies.

These elections and appointments will be done before September 15th and member’s names will be made known to you. The first meeting will be held before October 1st. Please feel free at any time to contact the members for information, suggestions, or concerns.