Visitor Information & Parking

All visitors are requested to check in at the main office which is located on the second floor just off the Main stairway.
Do not go directly to the classroom unless the office is unoccupied.  This will keep unnecessary class disturbances to a minimum.  It is wise to make an appointment with the teacher unless it is an emergency.

Any visitor remaining at school for a length of time is required to sign-in at the office and wear a Visitor Sticker for the duration of their stay.

Parking is limited. Visitors may park at available spots at the bottom of the Bus Circle, along the road at the front of the building or in the grass area at the Rail Trail. At no time is parking permitted on or near the bus circle. Two spots in front of the 5th Grade building are strictly reserved only for our Honorary Grandmothers. For safety and accessibility we ask that you do not block the stairs at the bottom of the sidewalk.