Homework Policy

Homework is very important and all students should complete their homework assignments on time and as accurately as possible.  Homework is a method of reinforcing skills and materials that have already been taught therefore it is a valuable part of the curriculum in any school.

Homework is to be completed and ready to turn in on the day it is due.  Absences may effect homework due dates.  If this occurs, then each teacher will deal with incomplete homework assignments individually.  A general rule is every day missed is how many days a student has to make up their work.

As a rule and based upon the average level of ability of classroom or grade level, the teacher should not make assignments that exceed a maximum of 60 minutes nightly for grades 1-2 and 90 minutes in grades 3-5.  It should be noted that many teachers allow time during class for students to complete work.  If students do not use this time wisely, then extra homework could occur.

 Guidelines and procedures for homework:


  1. The teacher may assign homework to reinforce and/or provide practice upon concepts previously presented.
  2.  The teacher may assign homework as a continuity activity to serve as a bond between classroom instruction.
  3. The teacher may assign homework as an exploratory research activity to introduce or expand a concept(s).


  1. The teacher should plan sufficient class time to clearly explain the homework requirements.
  2. The teacher should establish a due date.
  3. The teacher should consider the students’ ability and achievement levels since homework must be performed with little or no help for the student under most circumstances.
  4. The teacher should consider the developmental level of the students in determining the amount of homework.
  5. The teacher should review or check homework and provide feedback on it to the students