Bus & End of Day Changes

Riding a Bus or Going to a Different location after school: If it is necessary for your child to ride a different bus, they must bring a note with written parent permission.  Students will give the note to their teacher or bring them to the office.  A bus slip must be completed and signed by the principal or secretary.  The bus driver will not permit your child to ride his/her bus without a signed bus slip.

A student must bring a note with written parent permission, to travel by any means after school to another location other than his/her home or usual location.  This includes riding with another adult or going home with another student.

Occasionally, it becomes necessary to make a change of after school destination for your child during the school day.  Please call the school office if this occurs.  However, we do not want this practice to be everyday occurrences so please limit it to difficult situations only.  It is best to call prior to 11:00 a.m.  To help us keep your child safe, please plan any changes in the morning and send a written note with your child to school.