Behavior Policy

Behavioral Expectations:

Positive Behavior Support

  • C-Come prepared
  • A-Always listen
  • R-Respect
  • D– Do work
  • S– Safely & quietly travel

Hallway Expectations

  • Walk on right side
  • Single file line
  • Hand, Feet, and Objects to yourself
  • Stay in line
  • Move quietly

Lunchroom expectations

  • Hand, Feet, and Objects to yourself
  • Stay in line
  • Move quietly
  • Table Voices
  • Proper Manners

Restroom Expectations

  • Enter
  • Use
  • Flush
  • Wash
  • Leave it clean

Bus Duty Expectations

  • Sit with assigned group
  • Stay seated
  • Talk quietly
  • Hand, Feet, and Objects to yourself

Playground Expectations

  • Hand, Feet, and Objects to yourself
  • Respect others
  • Obey teachers directions


  1. Informal Talk/ Warning: A teacher or the principal will talk with the student to reach an agreement regarding the student’s behavior.  The parent may be contacted if necessary.
  2. Withdrawal of privileges: The teacher or principal may take away student privileges.  An attempt will be made for such consequences to be natural.  For example, if the student is misusing class time, then student mauled time will be withdrawn.
  3. Parent Involvement: When a teacher or the principal feels that the student’s behavior is not improving, but in fact regressing, the parent may be contacted in an attempt to resolve the problem.  This contact may be a telephone conversation or written correspondence.  A conference may be required to develop a plan to change the inappropriate behavior.
  4. Severe Disciplinary Actions: (Possible consequences):
  • a. In-School suspension: By the principal or upon a teacher’s recommendation, a student may be placed in a designated place or isolated in the classroom or other areas of school for part of the day or a period of 1-5 days.
  • b. Out-of-school suspension: The principal may suspend a student from  school for a maximum of ten school days.  A conference with the parent(s) and student must take place before the student may be permitted to come back to school.
  • c. Parent custody: Students may be sent home by the principal in the custody of the parent for the duration of the day.  The principal will call the parent to come and pick up the child.  If the parent does not come to get the child, legal steps will be taken.
  • d. Expulsion: The student and parent will be informed when a student is subject to expulsion from school.  Expulsion requires specific official action by the Board of Education.  It is the student’s responsibility to make up work missed while out of the classroom.

Important note: Students requiring two or more severe disciplinary actions may not be permitted to participate in school sponsored field trips.  This decision will be made at the discretion of the principal.