Our Mission

Creed Collins Elementary School Mission Statement Creed Collins Elementary School will foster high quality learning for all students by developing the academic and intellectual skills and character necessary to prepare students for life-long learning, productive and responsible citizenship, healthy living, and success in a diverse society.

Core Belief Statements:

  • ¬†School will be comfortable, well equipped and physically and emotionally safe.
  • Parents/Guardians will provide proper support and structure to enable students to achieve.
  • Students and parents will accept responsibility for attendance, work ethic, and student conduct.
  • Staff members will model exemplary character, reflect high expectations, recognize the diversity of learners and exhibit genuine care and commitment to all students.
  • Curriculum will be content standard based, prioritized, sequential and developmentally appropriate.
  • Academic work will be engaging, student-centered, and will challenge to reach for high standards.
  • Instruction will be characterized by effective teaching strategies and guided by on-going assessment.
  • Academic programs will integrate creativity, innovation and appropriate technology.
  • Extra time and extra help opportunities will exist and will be utilized by students.
  • Professional development will be focused and on going, will equip teachers to implement effective, research-based practices.