CCES Library

The goal of the Creed Collins Library is to help our students become lifelong readers.

Library Hours:

The CCES Library is open (TBD) from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Library Rules:

In order to achieve the most out of the library, the following policies have been set in place:

1- Students may only come to the library if they returned their past books. (**see Overdue policy below)

2-Students may get 3 books, in which one must be A.R.
(*see Check-out policy below)

3- Students must have their book in the library in order to have it renewed. (*see Overdue policy below)

4- Absolutely NO Horseplay is tolerated, students will lose library privileges for one week for misbehavior.

5- Put books neatly on correct shelf after viewing.

6- Damaged or Lost books can be paid or replaced with a book of equal value. (** see Overdue policy below)

7- No student is permitted in the library any other day than Thursday.

8- Students may fill out a book request slip if they can’t find the book they want.

*Check-Out Policy:

Kindergarten Students are allowed 1 Bookfor Check-Out each week
1-5 Grade Students are allowed 3 Books, of which 1 must be A.R.

Books are DUE the following Thursday – any Student wishing to renew their check-out, must have the book present to renew, or will be considered Overdue. This will help the library staff keep up with the books, so that we do not end up with the numerous lost books we’ve had in the past.

**Overdue Policy:

Students may not check-out books, if they have overdue ones still at home. We do not charge fines for overdue books. However, students are required to pay for lost or damaged books. Parents will be refunded if the book is returned in good condition.